Interactions A/B, Biology The Living Earth A/B (Period Period 4)


Project Based Learning

 At Walt Whitman High School, we have been using a program called Defined Learning to implement project based learning in each of our classes.  This program provides authentic, real life tasks and challenges that connect to the students' courses.  For example, students might learn how to design a carnival game as a way to learn about math and probability, or investigate a crime scene evidence unit to then practice writing an argumentative essay.  Another example could be students practicing science and engineering principles through creating aquarium, landscape or backpack designs.  

Students work in small groups, and receive feedback from their teachers and peers to improve their designs.  So far our experience has been positive and the students seem to enjoy the process.    

This type of project based learning has been shown to increase student engagement, learning, and facilitates college and  career ready skills.  We believe this program is well-suited for our students, our school culture and hope that you will support them in their progress.