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School Profile

Walt Whitman Continuation High School was established in September 1967 to service high schools in the Fairfax, Hollywood, and Los Angeles areas. Walt Whitman High School (WWHS) is within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and serves a unique constituency of students who need additional time to recoup credits and meet graduation requirements.  The Whitman campus consists of a dedicated team of supportive teachers, administrator, and office staff.  Whitman High School is located adjacent to the south side of the Fairfax High School campus and welcomes students who are behind in credits to embark on a new personalized learning experience at Whitman High School.   The school is a safe, clean and orderly place that nurtures learning and has a culture that is characterized by trust, professionalism, high expectations for all students, and a focus on continuous school improvements.


At Whitman, we are here to help and support!!!  You can rely on us to educate your child!!!