Principal's Message

Hello my Wonderful Whitman Students & Families!!! 
First, let me say, congratulations to all of you for being resilient, dedicated and above all WONDERFUL during these ever-changing times.  During these past few months, I have had the opportunity to see many of our students fulfill graduation requirements in the virtual setting and move on to enroll in college and enter the workforce.  Many of you have also completed courses during the summer in a virtual learning format and earned additional credits towards graduation. Know that your dedication has not gone unnoticed and I am so very proud of the work that each of you has done.
As you know, Whitman High School will be conducting all courses virtually as we open our "doors" for the 2020/2021 School Year. Now I ask that we continue to work together to keep the end goal in mind and secure our place in history as we live up to the challenge of opening the school year virtually. We are excited about the possibilities that this holds for our students and the new virtual learning experiences that will be had this year.
Hold fast my Wonderful Whitman Students and Families, your success is at hand and, you will be a part of a historical time when you will be able to speak of your success during the COVID-19 pandemic, how you remained focused, how you stayed strong with the support of family, friends, loved-ones and the Whitman High School Team. Because of our collective efforts, I know that our Whitman Students are Ready, Willing and Able to undertake the commitment needed to continue their coursework and graduate and embark on the next phase of their lives. We are here for you at Whitman!!! 
In the words of the Wonderful Poet, Walt Whitman..."Happiness is not another place but this place, not another hour but, this hour." So, let us remain happy together as we work in this virtual place and during our virtual learning hours.
Together, we are better!!!
With Heartfelt Sincerity, 
Ms. Simone Charles