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Each year, students and parents meet with their academic counselor to complete an individualized graduation plan (IGP). During this time, the counselor reviews the student’s progress toward completing the graduation requirements. The IGP is a plan that organizes how students are provided support beginning in the middle school years to stay on track with meeting high school graduation requirements and to continuously update how the student will be supported to become college and career ready. In these meetings, counselors will use the District’s new College and Career Readiness Guide. The online guide is personalized for each student, allowing them to track their completion of required courses and their performance on standardized tests and college entrance exams. The CCRG information is constantly updated and provides a “one-stop” source of information to guide steps towards postsecondary readiness. Click Video to watch a video about the CCRG.

If you are off track, please make sure to talk to your counselor about all the credit recovery options available.