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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement


The Walt Whitman High School staff is committed to creating an environment that promotes pride, individuality, and achievement. We provide each student with state standards a-g courses to support their full circle educational experience. Students will be active learners who will be college and career ready and able to apply what they have learned.


Vision Statement


Walt Whitman High School will provide a rich school experience to students by equipping them with 21st Century Skills. Students will be supported through diverse learning experiences to become productive, Compassionate, Global Citizens.

LCAP Goals
Goal 1: Academic Excellence
Goal 2: Joy and Wellness
Goal 3: Engagement and Collaboration
Goal 4: Operational Effectiveness
Goal 5: Investing in Staff
Goal 6: English Learner Supports
Goal 7: Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) Implementation
Goal 8: Mandated School Accountability